Sunday, July 12, 2020


He was one. He was the only one I remember from the days of experiencing this new thing called television. All the others were the same old white and good, while the bad guys were dark and mean. Not Hopalong Cassidy. Nope, he wore black. Of course, his horse was white, but he was dressed from head to toe in black. Black. It has been the color of evil throughout all of my growing up. Hopalong gave me a window into black being just a powerful color. for good. Black.

We seem to associate dark with evil and light with good. It is an awareness that we should consider. Dark clouds tell us a storm is coming. I for one love the dark clouds that bring rain and that freshness that stays for all too short of a time.

I long ago gave up wearing black to funerals. If we believe in an afterlife, we should indeed dress for the party and wear whatever we feel tells who we are. I love black. I appreciate the way it covers up the ever-growing lumpy body that I have developed over my later years. I love that I can wear it with EVERYTHING. Yes, black goes with everything. In fact, I look like an overlarge marshmallow in white. Black adds color to my life.

I grew up in an area that was all pale faces. It was a colorless community with an attitude that fits it. The migrant workers came to work in the fields every year, yet we never invited them into our churches or our homes. I never went to school with them. Looking back, I know that I was short-changed.

What do we teach our children about the histories of other cultures? I never learned about them in school or in my home. Of course, we didn't have Sesame Street, so different colors of humanity were black and white. It wasn't until I grew up that I found myself curious about those not like me. It was then that I came out of my white shell and began learning to communicate with people who were indeed like me on the inside. As my grandson says, "It's just skin." Thank you, Nolan.

What would our lives be like if there had never been slavery? Maybe nothing would be different. There seems to be unfounded hate of Hispanic people, so perhaps that white thing would still be in place. Why is white thought of as superior? Most of the people in the Bible were people of a variety of colors. The Romans would have been the whites. And, again, they thought themselves superior. When did this happen? Who was the first to start racism?

I have done my DNA. As with all the rest of you, we all came from Africa. There is that 1% of us that is indeed black. What if the table was turned? These are questions we all should ask ourselves. We are the parents and grandparents raising littles to make a colorless world. My grandchildren play with a variety of colors of children. And, those children have a variety of parent colors. We have a responsibility, my friends. 

Black is not the color of evil. It is not a color to cause fear. It is indeed a beautiful color, much prettier than my pale being. Remember, our hearts are the same. We all come with gifts to share. We are all one world. Let's teach the children.

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