Sunday, June 28, 2020

My little corner

My corner of the world. Just a little corner. It has trees and flowers and mountains and an ocean and lots of people....and me. I share this little corner with my children and grandchildren and friends and pets. And, I seem to have a lot of 'ands' in this first sentence, but sometimes you just feel like a little kid in a great big world. Today I am in my corner of it.

Having lived in a few states, I probably have a little better view of what other little corners are like. They all have their pros and cons. Some more than others. Yet I adjusted and learned. Yes, I learned. I learned first of all how to be a daughter, then a wife, then a mother, then a working woman, then a grandmother, then a retired woman. Whew! That was a whole bunch of learning. As it was happening, I did not realize what I was learning. I was learning what it meant to grow.

It isn't easy, this growing up thing. The pitfalls are many and the joys only grow in intensity as we age. When my mother passed, one of her last comments was that it all went so fast. Those words stick with me. Why it didn't really resonate with me when I was younger, I can only mark up as immaturity. So maybe what I gained through those years was maturity. So where am I going with this? Sometimes I wonder as well when I write. I just put the words down. You can decipher them.

Why do we realize so late that time, each minute of it, is to be treasured? It will be the first question I ask my maker when I get there. Why don't we realize that each minute is a gift? Why are we so self-centered that we do not realize that we are, each one of us, important to this map of life? Why don't we realize that our little corner is necessary to the whole? 

It is similar to the masks we are wearing during Covid 19. Our very breath can be life or death to those around us. My little mask potentially saves lives. My isolating, along with that of others, will save lives. My little corner makes a difference. 

My mother said that time passed so quickly. So if it is passing so quickly, shouldn't we all make our little corners worthy of living not just for ourselves but for others as well. I will protect you and you can protect me. 

Yes, I lived in a few states. I learned about people. Those who are stuck in the past and a way of life refusing to changes generation after generation. Those who believe that family only includes those born to it. Those who kept their little corner to themselves.

My mother reached out to everyone she ever met. She embraced the world without judgment. She ran towards need and not away from it. Would she wear a mask? I can't answer for her. I think she would believe that since she lived on a farm, she didn't need to. That sort of thinking doesn't work when corners meet. Indeed enough corners make boxes. Boxes to keep others safe.

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