Thursday, May 28, 2020

I'm Lazy

Yep, I am. I first noticed it when my kids were little. At first, I was so busy trying to create the perfect life for a perfectionist husband; therefore, I had to raise perfect kids. Then one day I looked around and said, "What am I doing!?!?!?" Why am I raising kids to be like their father? Why not raise them to be kids.

Uh-huh, that was the beginning. The first step in lazy. The house was a little more cluttered. Toys were not immediately put away and there might be a few dishes in the sink, but there was laughter throughout the house. I got a little lazier, but my kids got a mom. This continued throughout their growing years. Nothing was so set in stone that we couldn't discuss and work out a plan. We learned to trust each other as well as confide in one another. I liked giving them avenues to explore, places for adventures, the silliness that made memories.

Then I worked. I didn't have time to be lazy at work, but how I enjoyed that kicked back feeling when I got home. The only person I had to clean up after was me, and I was good at making little mess. I wasn't lazy. I was happy.

Then I retired. Once in a while, I wouldn't make my bed. Why should I? It was cozy when I left it, why not jump back into the nest as is? I found that I could eat when I wanted and what I wanted. Not only that! I could wear my sweats all day and not see a soul. A life of no schedules, no fuss, no worries.

Then I married. Thank goodness he was on the same page as was I. We were moving along just fine finding our footing as a married pair when COVID-19 hit.  Now, of course, I have plenty of time to clean, sort, take up a new hobby, write. So why is it so hard to get motivated? Yep, I'm lazy. Each day is like the next. It has some variation but not the impulsive life I took for granted.

As I reflect in this haze of days resembling one another, I see that the laziness of this life has allowed the environment and all its creatures to reflourish. Parents are really getting to know their children and perhaps discovering new ways to handle anger and frustration. Children are learning from their parents. Really learning from them. Lazy does seem to have a bright side.

So, if you feel lazy, I cheer you on. Embrace this time and see it as a gift; time is precious. You can sort out what is meaningless and find new ways to go forward. You can think in new ways and learn new things. In essence, as with nature, you are coming alive.

Welcome to my world of lazy.

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