Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Tattered Pattern revisited

Many of you have asked for the pattern of these stocking shown in my post The Tattered Pattern, a pattern from long ago that no longer exists. In fact, mine is in such tatters that it is impossible to make a decent copy. Part of the pattern has disappeared during my move. This said, for those hoping to copy the pattern, you can enlarge the pictures I have posted and actually count the stitches for the shape and sizes you require.

If you have not done needlepoint in the past, I would suggest that you research online or get a book from the library to check on how to set up your piece of canvas.

The first picture in this blog is of the stockings I first made with a brand new pattern in around 1975. I made many after that but created my own patterns.

I hope this will help you as I understand the memories these stocking hold. I would recommend that you not put names directly onto the stockings. Instead make a tag that you can hang on the hanger with the stocking. By doing this, the stockings can be handed down again and again.

I apologize that I cannot help you with the pattern, but let your imagination run wild. Think of the blessings of the holidays and the person you are creating the stocking for then make a memory.

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