Saturday, August 1, 2015

Enjoy the journey

She decided to write her history. She began writing it in her early 80's. The first journal was sent to me, her keeper of the past. The second was never finished.

Mom. She was quite a character. Her journals verify the fact. She could tell a story like no other, leaving us wondering at times if she told the story as it happened or embellished it to make it even juicier. Either way, her journals are treasures.

Mom passed before she could begin the second journal. As she wrote, one memory would trigger a dozen others. Priceless. Her words are priceless.

There is a journal inside of each of us. Mine comes in the form of a blog. A blog. A history. Something that perhaps my family will read when I am beyond words. A gift.

I am often asked how I do it? Well, you just write. There is no need to think about it. Just let the words flow, using the voice you hear in your head. That is the voice that knows what you want to say and releases you to say it. As you write, the words will unfold and multiply. What began with perhaps a bit of a struggle will turn into a joy.

Our heads are all full of words. Some are sad. Some are happy. Some are even confusing. When allowed exposure, they give you new perspective. Perhaps that is how wisdom is born. I found that when I began to write, I began to find more parts of myself. I became less afraid to expose that inner part of me and my world.

Old, young, in middle age? It doesn't matter. Your story is your own. Your story is mine, and mine is yours. Ours intertwine and expand. We are after all joined in our humanity. Perhaps in that joined humanity we will find peace and better understanding.

Maybe you want to keep your words for yourself. No problem. They are your words. Begin today and enjoy your journey.


  1. I'm going to share this one on Facebook; maybe it will encourage some others to share their words.

  2. Wow...

    I am sure your mother must have been immensely proud of you.... :)

    Beautifully penned....

    Your grandkids are a fortunate lot.. :)

  3. Is that beautiful, pleasant lady with snow white hair in the pic on the top right corner of this page you??

  4. Thank you for your beautiful comments. Pooja, that is me with my oldest granddaughter Sydney. I love hearing from you who take time to read this rambling of words. I keep asking how I can connect with others to make a difference in this old world because we each have that ability. So nice to know that you took time to come visit me.

    1. Pooja has "adopted" me as a grandpa. She also has her own blog She has a lovely writing voice, take a look.

  5. I will check it out, Axiesdad. thank you.