Monday, June 1, 2015

Standing before me

Sometimes something random happens that stops you in your tracks. It sometimes takes your breath away. Today was one such day.

For the last two months, the twins have been taking a dance class. Each week their other grandma and I sit along the wall with young mothers watching the little ones dance. It has not been an easy class for we grandmoms to watch. A couple of the little girls love to pick on Nolan. Not sure why. It could be that they like the lone boy in the class or it could be his darling glasses. And week after week we have watched this little gentleman try to be patient and kind to some pretty bossy little girls.

It is interesting to watch the actions of the kids in the class. Emma and Nolan are thrilled to be there and savor every moment. Some children wander around the classroom while others refuse to dance. There is another set of twins in the class. Early on we realized that one of the twins was possibly autistic. She refused to interact and just couldn't stay with the program. Another teacher was brought in to help with the chaos of two to three year olds. Special attention was needed for this little one.

Today was the last day of class. We sat along the wall as usual. Emma lost a shoe, so we borrowed one from the teacher's lost and found. For some reason, both kids were a bit emotional. Each time they passed by one or both were on the verge of tears. We finally attributed it to the fact that we were so full of joy and laughter in watching them dance, that we didn't realize that it bothered them. Once we shaped up and watched with straight faces and encouragement, they did better. It was like there was something in the air. And, I know there was.

The little girl walked straight across the floor and stood in front of me. Her hands were curled and held up close to her chest. She just stood there looking into my face. And, for some unknown reason, I opened my arms to her. She curled into me laying her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and lovingly patted her back. We sat like this for several minutes before she turned and nestled into my lap. Again, I wrapped my arms around her and laid my head against hers. We sat like that until almost the end of class. A child who was always wandered the room, rebelling against her mother, silent in a room full of children. She seemed to find peace in my arms....and I felt the love of God wrapped around us both.

I don't know the reason for her actions or mine. The remainder of the day has been in reflection of those minutes spent with this silent child. I thought of the God within all of us. That part of us that we don't wear often enough that says, "Come to me. I will give you peace." She knew I could give her something. I knew it as well.

Another mother sitting next to me leaned over and said, "That was precious." I knew then that I was not the only one touched by this experience. I was given a gift today. One that I shall replay over and over again. Standing before me was God.

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