Saturday, April 11, 2015

They picked me

My granddaughter who will be a Junior in high school needed to write a report about a person in her life. She wanted to write about me. Is there anything that could make a grandma prouder than to be the one adult she picked!? She interviewed me several times over the following weeks. All sorts of questions about my life. Questions about what I took away from the 60's. Not long after, Sydney sent the report to me. The first line she wrote was "My Grammy is a very inspirational woman....." The words meant the world to me. She warmed my heart and made me proud. Then I realized the responsibility comes with those few words. 'Very inspiration woman'.

The Oxford Dictionary:
[ ˌinspəˈrāSHən ]
  1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative:
Those are powerful words. I was humbled then and am still. Yes, there is a responsibility with being up on that pedestal. I need to be worthy of those words always. I am blessed to live near my grandchildren and to have the opportunities to spend time with them. Our relationships began when they were newborns. A touch, the love that we exude, tenderness, all the early things we do to bond. Then we move on to teaching, sharing, hugging, verbally letting them know their value. Now we are friends and embrace the times we are together.

Yesterday Sydney's sister Gabby called me, "Grammy, I am writing a report on Helen Keller. Did you know her? (I chuckle) I needed to ask an adult about her. I picked you." She picked me! An opportunity opens and new moments are cherished. I did inform her that Helen Keller was around when I was a girl, but I did not know her. Gabby wrote, and I talked about a woman of great influence and one who truly was inspiring. I felt like a little kid in school with her hand up hoping the teacher would pick her to erase the blackboard. My granddaughter picked me.

Being an inspiration to your family is indeed the supreme honor. We never know how much our families will remember of us when we are gone, but perhaps, just perhaps, the legacy we leave in the hearts of those we love will carry on throughout generations. Perhaps someday a child will pick up a tattered report and learn a bit of the past, a bit of an old grammy who was honored to know her grandchildren and to be part of their lives....and to know I was picked.