Thursday, March 12, 2015

Indeed a natural woman

She was being interviewed on TV. The interviewer was commenting on how wonderful she looked at 80 years of age. Hm. I had known her career from when I was a child on to present day. To me she looked worse than ever before. Like so many other women who are aging, she did what she could to look younger, better. But did she succeed?

Working retail, I see a lot of women. Obviously, women of a certain age begin to fear their age. The hair color gets wonky. Never looks quite natural. The amount of make up increases. In most cases, the perfume gets heavier. I wonder, "Do they understand that they are more beautiful without the artificial look."

I've yet to see someone who has had a facelift who looks natural. Botox makes for faces only half expressive. Lips don't move. Smiles are half as lovely as they should be. Over and over I wonder why. Is being the best-you-can-be made from artificial sources? Why are we so bothered by the way we are? Why do men and women think they need to improve? What is so bad about aging, having laugh lines, having inner beauty?

I gave up hair color a long time ago. Chemicals on my scalp didn't seem to be so smart. I found that I had some lovely hair beneath that boxed color. A good hair cut and my white/grey turned into something I could embrace and have compliments on daily.

Perhaps it is insecurity. An insecurity brought on by what we see in magazines, in movies and on TV. Perhaps insecurity in the workforce and private lives where competition lives. A silly sense of beauty. Some of the most beautiful older women I have seen allow themselves to be natural. Their spirit is shown in their faces. Nothing distracts from seeing the true loveliness. What is the problem with embracing grey hair, wrinkles, a bit of sagging here and there? I certainly don't want to spend the rest of my life fighting the ravages of time. I don't consider them ravages. I am a map of my life. I am an older woman and embrace the beauty that comes with it. A peace that I didn't have in my youth. A wisdom that allows me to be myself and to embrace others. A picture of the true me. I have no time to fuss. I want that time to live and be those I love.

I wanted the woman on TV to look normal. I wanted to tell her that the five days she spends in the gym and obviously the massive other hours she is spending on her skin and hair aren't working for her and are eating up her life. Over and over we see it as celebrities age. Faces numb and layers of make up and colors. Maybe it is my 1960's history rebelling. "I am woman. Hear me roar.", "I am a natural woman", Free to be You and Me.

My grandchildren will see what beauty comes from aging. I am indeed a natural woman.

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