Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Flight of Time

Catch it! Hurry up, get on it, catch it! Oops, got away again. Well, seems no matter how hard you try, you just cannot catch time and keep it. Time flies. Time sneaks past you when you aren't looking. The past month did not just sneak by me. It trampled me and left me in the dust. Time, you are an ornery devil.

Life does get chaotic. Seems that we blink and we are a year older wondering where the sixty-seven years went. I can find them in the photo album and in my pictures on my phone. I can find them in the hair that gets lighter and lighter with time. I see it in the inches the grandchildren grow or in the white hair on my son's head. Too often I notice it in the loss of a loved one. I see the loss in the eyes of a little girl who lived on Neff Road.

I am often wished a good day by customers. I tell them that every day is a good day. Why would I not want each day to be the best ever? I choose to have good days. I choose to pass it on and make someone else feel that perhaps they will do the same. My days will all be good because they are precious.

Sometimes our lives are taken up with the lives of our children. Babysitting is a gift. I told this to James and Lisa yesterday. I have two beautiful twins to hug and play with several times a week. What more could I want for my birthday. Yes, time flies when you are having fun. My son wrote a musical that is using the music of a Grammy Award winning composer and singer. We are novices at this production thing, so as a family, we are learning the ropes. Thank goodness I know a little about public relations. The show is going to NYC for a reading for said artist and producers in August. I am the person who is setting up the contacts and press releases for the show. This I do while working and babysitting. Yes, time sometimes flies by in chunks.

I've decided that we do not need to feel slighted that time has gone so quickly. I am thinking that celebrating how well we lived those flighty moments is much better than mourning the loss of time. I had a birthday yesterday. It was a great day from beginning to end. All four grandchildren spent the day with me. I had a lovely evening with James and Lisa. Phone calls, emails, posts made me laugh, cry and love being remembered. Oh, it was a good day. So why am I so tired today and my back aches? Sometimes this flight time leaves us exhausted.