Sunday, April 13, 2014

Doggone Love

We lost Sadie in 2003. She was a sweet schnauzer who captured our hearts nine years earlier when she was a fat little puppy. A dog had been part of our household since my children were small. The first schnauzer was named Pepper. We lost her when she got into a batch of chocolate candy. Getting a second dog was done with trepidation. Hearts get wrapped around a family pet regardless of the animal.

Dogs, cats, horse, calf, lambs, rabbits, I had them all as pets and none were allowed to live in the house. Having a pet in the house was a new, wonderful experience. I always looked forward to having Sadie greet me at the door when I came home from work. She was good at keeping watch over me as well as staying close when something sad came our way. My children loved her, and she adored them. This having an animal in the house was pretty cool.

There isn't a week that goes by that someone doesn't come into the store looking for a sympathy card for a friend who has lost a beloved pet. We stand by the cards and talk about our pets waiting to greet us again someday. There is a bond we share in the tears we have shed. And, those of us who have lost pets wonder if we can do it again.

We once took our dog with us on a visit to the farm. Of course, our house-raised pet was not about to stay outdoors. My kids wouldn't have stood for it....nor would their mother. At first, Dad and Mom were a bit gruff with Pepper. Yet seems many animals have a sense about we humans. They are pretty good at winning over the reluctant petter. Before long I noticed Dad lowering his hand and wiggling his fingers so the pup would go to him. It wasn't the way on the farm. Animals were supposed to stay outside. But a little bit of the indoor pet managed to take hold of the farmer.

It has been a long time since a pup came to reside with me. I miss having a dog but am not ready for the pain that will eventually come with the loss of  a loved pet. I mentioned my recent longing to my son.

Me: I think I need a puppy.
Him: You don't need a puppy.
Me: I could talk to it.
Him: Get a puppet.

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