Friday, January 3, 2014

Just a blink

A customer came up to the counter. I wished her a happy new year. She looked at me and said, "The time is going faster. Would you believe that even my grandson told me that he thought the same and he is only in his thirties." I would believe it. My son has said the same. Thus I can't blame it on age.

Oh, yes, time is going faster. I feel it constantly this slipping away of hours and days. What was once a 365 days seems only a couple of months long. What makes this time spin and twirl away from us?  Maybe it is an awareness we stumble upon that gives us pause to consider this flying time. In the blink of an eye.

My mother's words stay inside this head of mine echoing again and again. "It all went so fast." So are we so busy living that we forget to take time to meditate, take deep breaths, realize the essence of each moment?  Because of my mother's words, I have learned to appreciate each day and each person in that day. In the blink of an eye.

Part of what is happening is this age of technology. The days of long visits and cherished long distance phone calls have been changed instead to instant gratification. The phone goes where we go, and we text with great speed. We Skype and have face time. That voice on the other end of the line is replaced by words on a screen. Now I'm not complaining. Our intelligence, our search for knowledge, that drive to create bring on progress, inevitable progress. We can't stop that yearning to learn, to improve. It's human nature. Yet, the richness of what went before is being lost in the race forward. I'm as guilty as the next person. Perhaps that is why I write of the life I knew. It is a way to preserve and record a slower time when face time consisted of people in the same room.

Technology has brought many of you back into my life. The internet has bridged gaps and miles. It lets old relationships have new beginnings. Perhaps in some way it is stretching that time of friendship and family when we might have lost touch forever. Perhaps in some way my computer is keeping track of time for me. It slows me down, so I can sort out my thoughts and write. It allows me to look back at old messages and pictures. It is a place I can research history. It allows me to hold on to time.

It slips away this thing called time. It disappears in the blink of an eye. I wonder where it goes.

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