Friday, November 22, 2013

In the Blink of an Eye

Emma grabbed my hand and began leading me away from the living room. Pretty quickly Nolan latched onto my other hand. We made a train. No one but Emma seemed to know where it was headed. In fact, I don't think she knew either, yet we followed faithfully like a couple of pups.

I enjoyed both of my granddaughters. Over the years we have maintained a closeness that I cherish. However, this experience of two babies at once has been a mind opener and sometimes mind boggling. Now the twins are 16 months, and I'm learning what it means to be a grandma knee deep in babies.

My son stood next to his son. I was sitting on the floor rolling cars to Nolan and Emma, making motor sounds and laughing along with them. I invited my son to join us. He was exhausted and busy with  laundry since Lisa was working. "I just don't feel like it right now," he said. It was okay, but I had to share something that I don't think all grandparents feel comfortable admitting.

"I'm going to tell you a secret," I said. "There are times that I don't feel like playing with them either." Most people believe that I am always up for grandchildren full of excitement and energy. We grandparents sometimes don't want to play. But we do, don't we. We settle into the role we love, realizing that each time with them is precious and gone too quickly.

Many the times when I was tired and had no energy. Sometimes I missed opportunities that I wish I had taken. My friend is bedridden. She cannot play with her only grandchild. Many grandparents live far away from their children. Sometimes those seldom visits make for unease between grandparent and grandchild. But time spent on the floor rolling a ball or a car, rocking a doll baby or sharing Cheerios is memory making.

My son sat on the floor. We rolled cars back and forth. The babies crawled on top of their daddy while he ticked them. Both children would be in bed before we knew it. Both would be grown up in the blink of an eye.

Thursday is Thanksgiving. A second for the twins. Last years they had bottles. This year they have turkey. I'm sure that Emma will take me for another walk. Nolan will grab my other hand and follow as well. Full of turkey and exhausted from moving. I will sit on the floor and play with my grandchildren. I am thankful for the children in my life. Those grown up, those not even related and those who call me Grammy. Each day is a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.