Friday, April 19, 2013

More than Prayers

There is no care list, list of people needing prayers, that can hold all of the pain and suffering happening now in our beloved American states. There are prayers for a world in pain. There are prayers. There are prayers for those experiencing loss of limb, loss of loved ones. There are prayers. Yet, there is more to do than bow a head.

We are raising our children and grandchildren in a time when life sits on a tenuous strand which  seems to swing and sway sometimes breaking. The peace and tranquility of country living is torn apart by an explosion. Instead of a victory at a finish line, the ground is covered with the blood of innocents. We are raising children. We are raising the future.

Our prayers should be our actions. We need to know our fellow neighbors. We need to hold dear those around us, embracing them in times of distress and celebrating their successes. We need to teach our children to be strong and look for hope when there seems to be none. We need to keep the lines of communication open. We need to learn to seek truth and understanding.

News commentators give us hours of coverage about terrorism. Why do we give terrorist the satisfaction of talking about them? Why do we give them 'prime' time? Americans fail to have a good reputation in many countries. Perhaps that fact alone should make us try harder to know the history and stories of our foreign neighbors. My friend's caregiver is from Kenya. He left a high ranking job in his home country to come to America, because his family thought he would find the streets paved with gold. I asked him why he doesn't go home. He told me that he cannot go home, because it would be a disgrace in the eyes of his family and community. So he works in a care center changing Depends and moving bodies that cannot move on their own. He works long hours for a low wage, so he can send money home. He is a success in the eyes of his family. A stranger in a foreign land.

We send up the prayers. God hears them and expects us to be his hands here on Earth. We are the tools of His trade.

When the bombs went off in Boston, I wanted to gather my family and put them all in a safe place. I wanted to see all of their faces and tell them how much I love them. I cannot change the world except for that of which I am a part. I have my family.....I have the family of God.

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  1. It's so easy to be broken-hearted about yet another tragedy in our country. But we have to remember that the vast, vast majority of people who live here work hard and strive for good every single day.