Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank You

Dear Readers,

In case you have wondered where I have been, I have been contemplating. My blogs began in July 2009. I think perhaps the blogs saved my sanity when I was struggling so much with unemployment and family problems. When your head is full of words, it helps to have a place to write them.

I have found over time that others have shared my feelings about grandparenting. We all seem to share basic concerns and feel our age even more when it comes to play time. I am been part of a community. One that means a great deal to me. I have followers who mean the world to me. You have been part of my life for these many months. Thank you for your support and for being my invisible friends.

So what am I saying? I'm not sure I have much to offer any more. I feel the well is dry and am left with fewer words of wisdom. I don't know that I will give up these pages as they are the days of my life. I will write on occasion, but don't wait for me. This has been my journal. This has been the life of my family. It is a journey that still I live.

I give one final wish for all of you. You are a power in the world. You have the power each day to change the life of another for the better. We all have a chance to share laughter and positive thoughts. Let's continue to make a difference.

My love and thanks to you,