Monday, January 14, 2013

On Thin Ice

My first skates were double bladed. Sturdy skates that would keep me upright on the ice. I learned to shuffles the skates back and forth not moving much at first then finally moving forward bit by bit. When I was a little older, I graduated to shoe skates. Each winter it took a little time for me to get that balance back and to race around the ice. A balancing act.

I learned a lot during those years of growing up on the ice back in the gravel pit on my grandfather's farm. I learned that I could fall and get up again. I learned to overcome my fear of being hurt. I learned that it took time to strengthen my wobbly ankles. I learned to beware of thin ice.

Our lives are full of life lessons. Learning to take steps is much like learning to ice skate. Learning to get up from failure and to find our footing again is something we deal with our entire lives. We learn. We do learn. In our learning, we find that we can help others through their similar struggles.

As a grandparent, I've learned that I might have the knowledge, but I do not need to be the answers. Our children and grandchildren are the skaters. They need to learn how to move forward, how to stand on their own two feet. They need to learn to fall and get up again.

I grew up learning how to fall down and how to get up once more. What have I learned? I learned that in dealing with my family I need to beware of thin ice.

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