Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crying my heart out

Schedules. Babies need to be on schedules, especially when there are two. Man oh man, this sleep training sucks!!! I know it does not hurt them to cry. I know that they are okay. I know that they need to get on track, so they get enough sleep and enough quality play time. But in the meantime, they cry....they cry my heart out.

I truly believe that crying creates one of the strongest ties between parents and children. We find out how much we love the children when our hearts pour out to those big wet tears. I peek in at them. No one is tangled in the crib or has a face buried into the mattress. So why is this so difficult. It isn't the sound that bothers me as much as the urge for me to want to make it all right. I know in training them I am doing it the right way. Yet, it is heart wrenching.

The training never stops, does it. I think perhaps it is not just the training of the child but of the parents as well (and grandparents). When our adult children go through rough times, our hearts still break. We still carry that same yearning to make it better. We still want to dry tears and make the sadness go away. Yet we stand by and hope they will survive their hard times.

When I began this article, two babies were crying. They have not been napping as long as they need to. One hour was behind them. I was determined to get the second as well. At the end of the last paragraph, both babies went back to sleep. So we had success.

They cry my heart out. It flies to them each time a tear drop falls.

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