Monday, December 3, 2012

We know by what's left behind........

Each night I go to sleep, I look at two pieces of artwork sitting on the wall next to my bed. Pictures painted by their hands. The last school year pictures that I have of them from two years ago sit in the frames with the pictures. A small lamb that my sister sent when the babies were born sits in between the paintings. The drawings my granddaughters left behind remind me of the last day I was with them and the love we have for one another.

My daughter-in-law asked if  I would wash the windows. About 30 inches from the floor all of the glass in the back doors and French doors have dirty smears. Oddly enough, the smears are about the height of Millie's (the Airedale) nose. I look at them and am filled with love for this big lummox of a dog. I'm reminded of my past pets and another big dog named Odie. They are indeed the remnants of loving pets.

Sometimes I come home from babysitting the twins. I come home smelling a bit of baby burp accompanied by a discolored shoulder where one of the two managed to spit up. No matter where I put the burp cloth, the babies seem to miss it. Honestly, I smile every time I take off the offended shirt remembering the feel of a grandchild's head on my shoulder. A grandma's cheek resting on the tiny head of the infant are memories I cherish. I can feel each of my grandchildren's downy heads by just closing my eyes.

I remember how Mom refused to wash the glass of the window in the kitchen hall. Her grandchildren all lived far away. When they came home, they left behind their fingerprints and sometimes a cheek smudge against the kitchen window. She recalled each moment of the visit by the spots on the window glass. She smiled and probably said to my dad, "I sure miss those kids."

I find that I am a little slower in cleaning up after my grandchildren come to visit. I sit for a minute with a smile on my face and savor the time we shared. The little smudges are those tiny toes and fingers I love so much. That little bit of spit up on my shoulder and the sticky spot on my face where a little mouth found my cheek can wait a bit longer to take care of. The game on the table or a few crumbs on a plate remind me of my older grandchildren.

We know by what's left behind........someday they will know, too.

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