Friday, December 28, 2012

The Joy Evolution

This morning I went in to check on Emma. The twins are now almost six months old. She was up on her hands and knees screaming at me because I insist she is tired and needs a nap. It is a new beginning.

We have gone through many new beginnings with the twins. From the first signs of recognition to solid foods, each change has been a new journey into a new phase of their lives. I realized that I am still going through phases. Even at my beautifully ripe age of sixty-six, I am evolving, becoming someone different. What goes on inside of me does not have to affect what happens on the outside. In fact, what goes on on my outside truly affects what goes on inside. I call it joy evolution. The more I smile and find the positive in all things, the more my happiness increases. The more my happiness increases, the more I feel beautiful.

My great niece sent an email to me. She called me youthful and high spirited. It gave me pause to think. First of all, I consider myself youthful inside and out. I love high spirited, because I feel the energy inside and love sharing it. Age is just a number. Our lives evolve more each day.

For this approaching new year, I wish you the joy evolution. You have an opportunity to make your life so much richer. It only takes a smile and positive thinking. The joy increases daily.

Happy New Year, my friends. May your blessings many and your joy abounding in 2013.

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