Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Bugs

The Bugs! The BUGS!!!!! I was enraged. What in the world was wrong with my parents???? Didn't they pay any attention to anything that interested me?! Again, I felt that no one really paid attention to me. No one cared enough to catch on to this teenager in 1964. Christmas was marred.

Well, years teach us a lot, don't they? We go through so many stages in this growing up we do starting at birth. We continue to do it all the way through to the end of our lives. We continue to learn by our mistakes or by the mistakes of others that leave a mark on our lives.

My children were in elementary school. I was trying to record our Christmas morning for my parents so they could see their grandchildren who lived on the west coast. My daughter unwrapped her gift from my parents and did what her mother had done back in 1964. Mom had sent a bright red purse full of little toys. Stacey must have been about ten and indignant that her grandma didn't know what she liked. Needless to say, the tape was not sent to Grandma and Grandpa that year.....or any after.

In looking back, I realize now that my sisters, who were eight and ten years older than me, were the focus of my parents when along came a little girl who would be part of a new generation of youth. The mistake my parents made was that of not paying attention to the changes that affected their daughter. A new generation of youth voicing their feelings. A generation changing in ways of dress, music, dreams for their futures. Mom and Dad came from a generation not so different than all the generations before them.

I have been a parent who tried to keep up with "what was happening" in the kids' world. We listened to their music. Their friend hung out at our house. I was involved with my kids....and now with my grandchildren. I had the girls on Tuesday. I knew they were really into New Direction so I tapped the Today Show performance by the group so the girls and I could watch it together. The girls were thrilled. I always take note of the clothing the kids wear. I listen to what they say to know what they like. I work at being involved. Being a senior citizen is no excuse for being out of the loop.

I sat by the tree that Christmas of 1964 and opened the thin package. I wanted so much to have an album of The Beatles. I prayed that the gift I held would be it. I tore the paper away. The Bugs. A group I'd never heard of. Pretty sure no one had. I probably owned the only album they ever sold. Beatles not Bugs!!! Recent research informed me that The Bugs was a garage band that went on to become The Grains of Sand (never heard of them either). The gift that long ago was such a disappointment is probably worth money now! Oh, well. I learned a lesson in listening.

Still waiting for that Beatles album.

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