Monday, November 5, 2012

Of the people

.......government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Abe Lincoln said some very powerful words in the Gettysburg Address. A government of the people. Of the people, not just those who believe what we believe. Of the people, not by those who have the money to sway politicians. Of the people; even those from other countries who come here to be citizens of our nation. The people of the United States have changed since these words were said. Or have they? Seems to me that Mister Lincoln was indeed thinking of a new nation that included those taken from their homes in Africa.
This beautiful government includes all people regardless of race,  religious differences, and beliefs. Each and every one should be heard and protected.

By the people. We should all have a voice. I know it seems that money seems to control much of our government right now. We have a system where our representatives can actually vote for their own raises and job benefits. It is a little more difficult to find our voices when we are often fed hearsay through the media. If we want to have a voice, we need to do our own research and make our voices heard. We are the people.....all of us, including those who cannot make their voices heard.

For the people. For me, this means that I need to think of all people, not just myself and my way of life and beliefs. Everyone has a right to be heard and protected. Everyone should have the same rights that I possess. We don't all need to believe the same thing. I am a Christian, but that means that I follow a Jew. I also follow a man who did not judge and who embraced ALL people regardless of sinner or saint. He loved them all. For the people. Not just my people.

I guess I am feeling relieved that the end of the current election is finally here. I am saddened that more people don't truly take time to investigate what is on the ballot. I am saddened that we allow ourselves to vote party line instead of being educated about the issues and people running. I just ask that all people truly learn the facts for themselves. We have a responsibility to all peoples. We have that responsibility to look at a nation of people as varied as the flowers that cover our earth. We are blessed to be able to embrace what we believe individually and an obligation to allow others the same without malice or judgment.

I appreciate those who have upheld the platform on which our country was built. We have a government that needs to look beyond their own beliefs and protect that of others. It cannot be an easy job, but it is what a democracy is all about. A politician should go into office wanting to hear all of the people he or she works for. We hire our politicians to hear every voice of every color, every belief, of every persuasion.

We are a the people, of the people, for the people.

Thanks, Abe.


  1. I, too, am glad that the current election season is almost over. I care deeply about the outcome, and the suspense is almost enough to make me ill.