Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mama Millie

Fox doesn't look like much. Fox has been gutted of stuffing and torn a bit from nose to tip of tail yet Millie loves Fox. Fox is her favorite toy.

For some time we have noticed that Millie is very concerned when Emma cries....Nolan, not so much. She lets us know if Emma is crying or distressed. She licks both babies, but hovers over Emma sometimes standing over her little body looking into her face.

This week Millie's mama gene really kicked in. She has become the nanny to the twins. I am constantly reminded Nana the dog in Peter Pan. Millie would refuse to wear a cap, but she does watch over her wards. A second blanket was placed on the floor for the second twin to have some wiggle room. At the time both twins were under their play gym. Millie walked over and laid on the second blanket with her head towards the twins. She didn't let down her guard. Then I noticed that she seemed to take over when I left the room. If I left, she laid by the  twins. When I returned, she got up.

 We all know the dedication of our pets. The endless love they give to us even at risk to themselves. Miss Millie is about seventy-five pounds of Airedale. The babies are accustomed to seeing her big head over them as she licks their downy hair. Now they manage to grab a bit of fur when she come close. Yet, Millie doesn't mind. Our pets love us with all the love they can give.

The babies laid on the floor. Millie dug in her toy basket and pulled out Fox. She took Fox over to the babies laying her favorite toy between them, nudged it with her nose then walked away. Millie loves her puppies. I love Millie.

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