Thursday, October 18, 2012

Role of the Grandparent

She ran to the car hopped in and kissed me. We both smiled and caught up on the activities of our time apart. Nothing had changed between the granddaughter and her grams. We stopped at the school; Gabby ran out before everyone else in her class landing in my arms. My heart was overflowing. Yes, I finally saw my granddaughters after three months apart.

The girls were full of questions about the new babies. We caught up on school, dance and gymnastics. More questions about the babies. We did homework and played games. We did all the things that we always love to do....the best just being together again.

I tell my little twin grandbabies about their cousins. I hate that my family is torn apart. I cannot heal the differences. I feel for grandparents who are estranged from their grandchildren. I feel for those children who have no grandparents who are involved in their lives. Grandparents have a definite role in the life of a family. We have an opportunity to make a difference in the future not just that of the children but perhaps the world. Learning to love and accepting what it is to be loved affects the rest of our lives. Knowing that we have unconditional love from adults teaches us what that kind of love looks and feels like. Safety in the arms of a grandparent. Freedom to be ourselves with those who do not judge us. Freedom to be in a home away from home where we can be ourselves. All of these are gifts we grandparents can give.

It's not unusual for me to end the day with a backache. I sometimes am so tired that I just roll into bed. That distance from sitting on the floor to standing again sometimes feels impossible. But I refuse to give up. We have such little time to be with our families. We have such little time.

My week has been full of blessing. They come in ages thirteen, ten (almost eleven) and three months. I hope someday they remember bits and pieces of their time with their grams. I hope that my older grandchildren will pass on the things I have taught them to their young cousins, to their children. We are gifts to our families. We need to be a gift that gives to the best of our abilities and creative spirits. This week I had all of my grandchildren. This week I have a smile that does not stop.

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