Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ah, this aging thing is a mixture of peace and pain. Today it is the pain that sits in the forefront. Ouch!

Like many others I am suffering from a degenerative disease in my thumb joints. It started a few years ago with often achy pain in my left hand and has progressed to severe pain in my left hand with my right hand chasing closely behind. the deformity in my left thumb becomes more pronounced. Most time I deal well with it. Not so today.

I cannot have the surgery to save my thumbs. Being part of the poor part of this society, I have no means to pay the co-pay for one surgery let alone two. When I hear of women and men getting their bodies updated, I cringe. There are many of us who have to make do and suffer. It would be nice if more money was put into helping those who cannot find their way out of their circumstances. If I lived in England, I could have it all done for free. Oh, I know, I would be paying higher taxes, but I have seen their system at work and am jealous. So I deal with my pain, and, for today, try to keep my chin up.

It is difficult at times to keep up with that mind inside of our heads when our bodies hurt. We try to overlook the pain. so we can play on the floor with little ones and once in awhile chase a baseball. I gave up rolling down hills and doing cartwheels. Just not sure I would survive. Yes, I'm smiling. We grandparents do what we can to keep up. For myself, I want my grandchildren to remember me as an active person. There is plenty of time for sitting and watching when I am older.

Someone brought a card to the counter at the store last week. I have tried to find it since but have drawn the conclusion that it is sold out. The card was for a ninety year old woman. On the front it had a picture of an elderly woman in shorts and cowboy boots going up a slide...the wrong way. All you could see was her backside and determination. What a great card! I loved her individuality and carefree attitude. We should all be so young at heart.....despite our aches and pains.

Okay, so my thumb hurts today. I see what it will become and am saddened to loose that part of me that did needle point and once wrote with a pen. My crooked thumb is like that of my father's. Perhaps I am just carrying a memory in that thumb. Ah, this thing of getting older is a quandary.



  1. What a saddening post, I feel fortunate to live in England and have an access to a range of healthcare and equipment to assist with the perils of old age as I too suffer from joint pain. I hope you are able to find a solution to give you ease!

  2. Lesley, I was in England a few years ago. I saw first-hand how wonderful your healthcare is for those who benefit. I wish more here in the US would understand what we could have. How I wish none of had to suffer joint pain.

    Thank you for writing. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.