Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Heart the Mediator

Frantically, she talked on the phone. I stood at the baby clothes' sale rack and couldn't ignore her sobs. In my head I had this conversation.

"Should I ask if I can help?"
"Better stay out of it."
"But she is so sad. Her cry is heartbreaking."
"Look at her! She is doesn't look so good!"
"Well, you don't know anything. I'm going to talk to her."

Well, I don't know if both sides of your brain often argue, but mine do it quite often. The mediator is usually my heart. The woman got off of her phone and started to walk past me.

"Are you okay?" I asked. Well, that certainly brought on dialogue as well as tears.

"I just got out of drug rehab today. I'm clean. I went home to see my kitty. My neighbor is watching her. She didn't take care of her. My sweet kitty was only skin pulled over bones. I just took her to the vet. My kitty is my life," she sobbed as the words poured out.

My work with kids at risk kicked in. "I'm so proud of you for making it through rehab. Good for you."

I went on to ask if her cat could be saved. She didn't think so. I tried to explain that maybe if they did actually put her kitty to sleep, she could get a kitten to start her new life over. I tried not to lose sight of the success this poor woman had with her struggle with drugs.
My farm kitties

"It's my fault. If I didn't go to rehab, my kitty would be okay."

"You are not responsible for this terrible thing your neighbor did. You did nothing but love your kitty. You owe it to your kitty to stay clean."

Her phone rang. She thanked me, and I walked away with one last word, "Please stay clean."

Walk away. How often do we walk away? I know that talking to strangers is a big 'no-no', yet I can not turn away from someone in pain. I never have and never will. I don't know if I helped this woman, but she was being tested in the worse way. Raw from rehab she was trying to make sense of this tragedy. I know that sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger. I don't claim to have answers; experience has taught me that I cannot be the answer, but I can be of support.

I'm adding this woman to my Care List in the right column. This woman along with others who decide to fight against addiction need all the support they can get....even from those they don't know.

She stood sobbing. I could not walk away.

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