Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Sea of White and Grey

The audience was a packed crowd. I sat about three-fourths of the way up looking down over layers of seats below me. It was a sea of white and grey. The theatre people refer to it as an audience of grey hairs, i.e., elderly. The topic became a conversation between me and myself. We both seemed to come to the same conclusions.

Seniors get a discount. Also, many have the financial wherewithal as well as time to attend plays and concerts. There is one other piece. I believe that we just might get a bit more out of plays than what we did at a younger age. I know that I, as one grey/white hair, take in much more than I did when I was younger. I'm much more aware of the acting as well as the staging. Many plays are old and have been staged again and again. I love to see what the director does with an older piece. I enjoy the stage much more than a television screen or a movie. (However, I cannot wait for the Hobbit and Les Miserables out this Christmas.)  An orchestra, a brilliant painting, oh, how I apprecite them more.

In noticing the grey and white heads of hair, I am also aware of the lack of other colors. They are interspersed but definitely in the minority. There is also a lack of older children missing at those shows that are appropriate yet more adult than childrens' theatre. Thank God for the adults who do take the children to museums, plays, art exhibits and concerts. I for one, if I could, would take my grandchildren to all of the aforementioned as much as possible. The gifts I give my grandchildren come back to me twofold.

A sea of white and grey.....

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