Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Mirror Lies

There is only one mirror that really tells the truth. It is the one in my bathroom. Every morning I look into it and ask "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the short woman who used to be tall?" Well, I really don't talk to my mirror, but you get the point.

It's funny how we don't really see our age as we age. Or at least we are really good at being blind to what the mirror reveals. I never used the mind what the mirror showed me. I was never a beauty but had lived with myself long enough to get used to the face on the opposite side of the back of my head. It was the day I went shopping after spending thirty minutes in the bathroom 'putting on my face'. I passed a mirror in a store, stopped, paused for thought and put myself into reverse. My mirror at home lied. Who was this older woman looking back at me? How dare I leave the house looking like that!!!

Destroying all the mirrors in the kingdom is one solution. Surgery is a second option; however, I like to smile and have worked hard for those laugh lines that appear around my smile. So time to toss vanity aside and get used to this face. I do wonder when my mother discovered herself away from the bathroom mirror. She was always beautiful to me.....always. I don't remember when she got her wrinkles and grey hair. It all just seemed to appear along the way. The only thing I noticed was that she was getting shorter. I seem to be experiencing the same. May need to get a step stool, so I can look into the magical mirror in my bathroom.

I've done a bit of talking to myself about this vanity thing that seems to be the topic commercial ads and magazines. Lasers, tucks, injections. Hm. I'm pretty sure that no one else will embrace me, if I can't embrace myself. Truly I love the pieces of me that I am discovering along the way. It's a bit like going through puberty. I wonder what I will look like when it all falls into place (or maybe out of place). I know I will still have the twinkle in my eye and a big smile on my lips. I will still appreciate the mirror at home that tells me that I'm still 39 and will know that all mirrors away from home lie. I will know that I am the real me.

Perhaps you have experienced the same thing. It can come as a bit of a shock. Were I to see an old friend who has probably aged at the same rate as me, I would know it was still the face that I held dear all these many years. I have tried my age on, considered the options and decided that I just keep getting better. "Mirror, mirror on the wall. I think I like me after all."

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