Monday, August 20, 2012

Removing the Can't

Movin' with the times. Come on grandparents! Let's move with the times!

"I can't.....". The older I get, the more I hear this word. CAN'T! Hey, with all of the life and work experience we have gathered over the years, we CAN. The old brain still has places unexplored. Come on, be an explorer.

"Grammy, isn't Niall cute?"

"Ah, sure. Uh huh." I reply smiling. "Sure is." (Who the devil is Niall?!) Okay, I refuse to be left behind. I remember with my children listening to their music. I do the same for my grandchildren. So, to the computer I go. Niall from One Direction. Now I'm ready to be one cool Grams. Wait! Do they still say 'cool'? I will not be left behind.

Several of my friends are afraid to use Facebook. I don't think it is the social media they are afraid of but perhaps the use of a computer. Hey! We are the 60's generation. We can do anything!!!! Someone once told me that a computer just contained lots of files. So I taught myself to use the computer as I would a filing cabinet and became creative enough to design media materials doing public relations. I was over 57 when I began. We can do it. Facebook has brought Neff Road to me as well as friends from all over the world. I can share new grandbabies with old friends and YouTube with my grandchildren. The age barriers are lessened by what we learn about one another. Being computer savvy is a case of deciding if you can or can't. Take can't out of your vocabulary, and you are at least ten years younger.

We are lucky to be from our generation. Well, I guess I feel like I'm from all generations since mine began, because they are all added to my generation. I have lived through them all, so I should have picked up a few things along the way. So why just because I'm older should I forget that I have been able to learn and grow along the way? We are what we allow ourselves to be.

Now you might say, "I can't do what I used to do. My memory isn't as good. The brain is willing; the body" I understand. But sometimes in stretching away from our own shells and reaching beyond what we think we are capable of doing, we find new life in our later years. A book with a child, a memory shared, a listening ear, a journey through pictures. Ways to stay active no matter what our age. Sit down with a child and a computer and learn new things. Watch a child light up when showing you all the wonderful things that touch the life of that child.

We can change the way we age. Remember, you still have a lot of brain to explore. Perhaps what you discover will be the best discovery of your life. If I can, you can.

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