Sunday, August 5, 2012

One on One

One on one. No, not basketball. I'm talking grandchildren here. One on one time. It's important.

Sydney was off doing her thing, so I had Gabby twice this week by herself. I treasure these times when it is just a granddaughter and me. There is time for talk and time for focusing just on our time together. I learn more about my grandchild, and, hopefully, she learns a bit more about and from her Grammy. I see the world all new with Gabby. We consider ourselves twins since we enjoy so much of the same things and seem to think the same things quite often. Yep, we are twins fifty-five years apart.

I remember when Gabby was born that I felt that she was an old soul, a spirit from the past full of knowledge and wisdom. She is indeed. She is a bubble of energy who delights in everything she sees. Nothing escapes her. Nothing escapes her camera.

We were at the zoo. She took pictures of all of the animals. Wonderful pictures that filled the lens and brought closer these creatures where the wild things reside. Her patience amazed me as she vied for the perfect shot. She concentrated on her shots, while I concentrated on the photographer. Had she not had my camera, I would have shot pictures of her in action.

Going to the zoo is always full of surprises. Baby elephants playing in a pool. An American Eagle soaring above our heads. A tiger cooling off in his den only visible through the camera's lens and a young girl's eye. She captured a day and memories for both of us.

This one on one time with our children, our grandchildren is a gift. I have cherished each age with the girls. I have enjoyed the relationship that has grown over the years. I know that my girls will always love me and remember. They will judge me by the life I have with them. They will know that even after I am gone, I will watch over them.

One on one. Gabby and Grammy. I love you, Gabby. Thank you for a wonderful day.

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