Friday, August 17, 2012

Grandma's Point of View

The small body cradled in my arms. Moments ago Nolan was crying. Now comforted in arms that love him he sleeps. I look down into his face and find within me a love that has blossomed and bloomed. It is when I look down upon that sweet face that I find my life beginning all over again.

"Who does she look like?"
"I see a bit of me in her."
"He has my chin."
"Maybe he will have the cleft in his chin that Grandpa, Mom and I have."

We look to see our history in the little faces. A turned up nose. A hairline. Broad hands, and little toes that echo Daddy's. Parts of us passed on again and then again.

It's not so much their appearance that I wonder about as much as it is what we pass on in our personalities, the gifts we have been given. Will she be a painter, a poet, a dancer? Will he be the fourth generation of male singers with a passion for nature? What can we teach from what we have learned? What parts of us are worthy to pass on?

I look down into Nolan's small face and think of all the things I wish to teach him. He is my first grandson. I hope I have given his father the tools he needs to be a good father to this son. I see in Emma the dreams that all little girls embrace. I wonder if she will adore her daddy and be his shadow just as I was with my father. Will she idolize her cousins? Will they get a chance to know her and play with her? Will these cousins all bond for a lifetime?

A small face is cradled in the crook of my arm. The sweet little features are treasures. I want to capture each little smile and coo then tuck them away, so I can remember again and again the sensation of holding a sweet grandchild in the crook of my arm.

It is a view unrivaled by any others. It is a Grandma's view.

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