Sunday, July 8, 2012

Imagination Set Free

Surrounded by moss, lichen, twigs, acorns and tree bark we began our task. One never knew what might happen when you visited the Grammy.

Some time ago I happened upon a fairy garden at Al's Garden Center.  A little places to draw faeries to play. A swing. A gazebo. Small stepping stones. I fell in love. As a child I would have loved creating these little gardens. It never crossed my mind. I knew there were no faeries. Instead I played with small figures beneath the diningroom table and on the windowsill. I had no faerie garden, but I did have imagination.

Funny thing about imagination, it never goes away. If encouraged, it creates. If set free, it soars. No matter how much we age, we still have this wonderful thing called imagination. However, it is something we need to exercise. There are many people who released their imaginations. Some have even left it behind. Some look at those who embrace their imagination as being a bit quirky. I don't mind being quirky if I can have an imagination that allows me to write, an imagination that gives me creativity with my grandchildren, imagination that allows me to grow.

We sat surrounded by pieces of nature. We didn't need any plastic or a kit to show us what to do. The map in our imaginations lead us. Trial and error taught us. Each of us had our own individual ideas. And, all of them were wonderful. I think now we might work on a little yard where faeries can live and play. Maybe we will design a community hiding beneath shrubs and under trees. A hole in the old tree will make a wonderful place to hang a twine, faerie ladder.

We may not see the faeries. We don't need to. They live in our imaginations.....and in my son's lovely yard.

Twigs, lichen, moss, acorns and tree bark. Imagination set free.

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