Friday, July 27, 2012

Innocents and Evil

After days of struggle, the new babies came into the world. New life, new hopes, new dreams. Two small lives that bring with them their gifts. Small brains that will discover and create. Loving parents and others will teach these children what it is to be kind. We will encourage them to be strong and wise. We will tell them to be careful each time they walk out the door. We will have to tell them at evil lives in the world. The innocents and the evil.

While waiting at the hospital, my son received a long text on his phone. The text was from a drug dealer setting up a meeting. He was a distributor. A dealer. My son couldn't believe what he was reading. Nor could I. We know those dealers are peddling their goods. We know they are there, yet this was just too close to home. 

My son is a remarkable man. When we were on level orange alert, he came across an abandoned stroller and called mall security. Another time he was following and erratic driver. He called the police. The police asked that he follow her until they could catch up to them. When the police arrived, they thanked him. The woman had a medical problem. Recently, he drove all over our area looking for someone to care for an injured bird that Millie had tried to retrieve. My son is a remarkable man. He found a policeman at the hospital. The policeman took the information off or my son's phone. It was obvious that this dealer had texted to a wrong number. Evil resides next door. We just don't know which door.

Reality had stepped into the hospital that day. The innocents that we held in our arms were protected just a little more. The fears we felt for them was just a little more intense.

I don't know about you, but I want a world that is safe for my family. We all need to be aware. We all need to pay attention. We all need to pull together to create more good than there is bad in the world.

Two sweet babies came into the world pure and innocent....into a world not nearly good enough for them.

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