Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden of Your Mind

Confession: I loved Mister Rogers. Despite those who thought that his show was silly, those who made fun of him, there are those of us who absolutely loved him and the simple lessons he taught small children....and sometimes big children.

Last week a friend posted this link: I sat watching the little video smiling and delighting in this new mix that gives us a singing Mister Rogers. I read the comments posted below my friend's link. Young adults were brought to tears watching and remembering. Time after time men and women admitted missing this teacher they watched as children. His work still touched their hearts.

The theme of the video is the garden in your mind. This place in our heads where ideas are planted and where discoveries are made. This place that learns and the place that teaches. A place ripe for planting and eager to grow. Garden in your mind. I'm not going to elaborate on what I think these four words mean to me for I truly believe they might mean something different for each person who takes time to think about them. I could go into the tiling of a garden and weeding, but the simplicity of this piece of work says it all.

I am writing from the garden in my mind. I am writing from an inspiration of a little video that touched my heart.

Happy Monday! Happy journey into the garden in your mind.

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