Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Camera

A camera in the hands of a child opens doors of creativity, records memories and builds relationships, especially when it is a grandparent who places that camera in those hands.

"Look at the background before you take the picture," I said. Gabby had the camera. She and her sister were sharing it back and forth encouraging one another.

I love the camera. I love what I can see with the camera. Sometimes I am surprised by what I did not see when I took the picture.

"What is that?" Sydney asked. We craned our necks trying to get a clear look at what appeared to be a big bird on the other side of the lake. Several pictures were taken of the unknown figure which later proved that indeed we had seen a lovely heron.

The girls were excited when they found a great picture in the ripples of the water or the shape of a tree. They looked for beauty where most would only walk by not recognizing the beauty, the story, around them.

"Grammy, you two walk ahead. I want to take some pictures," Sydney said.

Gabby and I walked on. When I downloaded the pictures, I found that my oldest granddaughter had truly captured this precious afternoon.

A camera. Granddaughters. A lovely Oregon afternoon. And an ever grateful grandma.

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