Friday, May 18, 2012

Strike a Pose

They posed and giggled. The sun wasn't right so we moved to a new location. Boredom seemed to be absent. The day was cool but lovely. Best of all, my granddaughters came to visit.

Whenever I want to take a picture, my camera seems to be absent. Or, more than likely, I get so involved that I forget to take pictures. Its like that thing where you have a bizillion pictures of your first child and fewer and fewer of additional children. It takes time to take pictures. It seems to me that maybe it takes a bit of planning as well.

In my writing, I have found photographs old and new are important. Written word can be lovely, but add a picture and you have an audience. Sometimes the picture alone is the story. We cannot hold on to the past when our babies were small or remember the moments when we were young. We can't hold on to those fingerprints on the door and the newness of our baby's toes. Pictures capture and hold. They imprint an event and carry it on to other generations.

I spent yesterday taking photos of my granddaughters. They are at an age to love the camera and want to see themselves as soon as the photo is taken. Digital is wonderful. I can sort pictures as I take them ditching those of inferior quality and taking in what I need to adjust for the next photo. The time taking the pictures was fun. We laughed at our failures, oohing and aahing over the successes. I pushed Gabby up into the ancient maple tree praying that the light would be right.

Sydney is at an age where I can see the woman she will become. A new teenager finding her way into adulthood. The pictures tell it all. Sophistication and grace apparent. Something she doesn't understand yet. For Gabby, it was that reflection of the little girl stepping towards middle school leaving the little kid stuff behind.

The finished work is a gift to the future. It will show the love expressed by a grandma for her granddaughters. A memory has been captured and will be cherished. It is a gift I give to the girls, their mother and their future generations.

The camera captures nothing when left behind.


  1. Your granddaughters are lovely. When my grandchildren visit, I have a hard time finding time to take pics, between playing with them, feeding them and visiting with their parents. But someone I have ended up the family photographer, so I do the best I can.

  2. Susan, I got this little camera with a big window on the back so I can actually see what I'm shooting:) It's fast so I don't get bored while waiting for the click of the camera. Last year I spent time taking pictures with the girls following me around. I found that I wasn't half bad with this thing. This year Gabby and her friend took similar pictures. They are lovely. Being behind the camera is a gift. We get to capture the little nuances that are sometimes missed. We get to capture memories. Keep snapping.....and make sure they don't want you behind the camera instead of in front of it:)