Monday, May 28, 2012

Isaac's Lip-Dubbing Proposal: The Family of Theatre

They began rehearsals long ago.

"We couldn't tell you, Mom," James explained to me.

Hm. Like who would I tell? Hm. Maybe my blog?  Probably a good idea not telling the mama.

I was sitting with Millie. She was trying to sit on me. Seventy-five pounds of Airedale is hard to resist...or fight off. They walked in the door just glowing. Not from the excitement of the twins they are expecting in just a few weeks, but from the experience of being part of Isaac's proposal to Amy.

James and Lisa are part of a special family. I get to be part of that family, because I know these people. It is a family with which I am very well acquainted having worked in the theatre for many years. There is a phenomena that happens in theatre classes and during productions. Families are formed. In fact, when we did shows that involved children, 'parents' (students in the plays) were assigned to each child. They were responsible to see that the child was looked after. It may look like babysitting, but in the end, little families were indeed formed. Kids in theatre are pretty special. They open up to the others in the cast and feel at home once they walk into rehearsal or class. Students showed up at lunch to eat in the theatre 'home'. We became Mom and Dad to many children. Many of those are still my kids.

It's the same for adults as well. There is a friendship that goes along with a theatre production. A bond forms. For some it is a bond that goes along with them the rest of their lives. James and Lisa have such a bond with Isaac and Amy. James and Isaac have been on stage together. Isaac has been great support for James with his show "The Dance". Theatre friends become family. There is nothing they wouldn't do for one another. They become sister and brother. They celebrate one another's successes and support them in their losses. A bond of love and friendship forms that time cannot destroy.

Millions have seen Isaac and Amy at this special time in their lives. Yet, they do not see the family who dances and sings in joy for this couple. It is not celebrity that makes this special now. It is the celebration of these two remarkably talented people saying 'yes' to a life together.

Millie and I had a nice evening. We watched TV. We played fetch. I curled up with her on the floor. She tried to curl up with me on the sofa. We talked about the new babies about to join us. Well, I talked. She listened. She seemed interested. We didn't know there was dancing in the street. But I have been dancing for Isaac and Amy ever since. We celebrate this family of theatre here in Portland. We celebrate friendship and lives that intertwine. We celebrate the milestones and mourn the losses together. We are the family of theatre. We are family.

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