Friday, May 25, 2012

Helloooooo. Who's Out There?

My hand almost bounced when he hit the side. For weeks we have been waiting for him to get more active. She has been a busy body for weeks tumbling and rolling around. He had been quiet and content. The twins are getting ready for their grand entry.

My son, James, and his wife, Lisa, are expecting twins. Baby A is a girl. Baby B is a boy. The little girls has been a whirlwind of activity. Her brother has only recently decided to make himself known. Bless her heart, Lisa allowed the mothers to fell the little boxer announce himself. I don't know if it was a foot or a fist, but he has a mighty punch. We moms giggled and laughed remembering our own babies making themselves known to us. We knew the delight that the new parents are feeling, this mystery of birth. We had an evening of dinner together and talk of babies. It was a nice blending of families experiencing a time I hope will be often repeated.

"Watch this," my son said. "Hey, Millie (their Airedale), go find the babies!"

Millie ran across the floor poking her nose into the baby bulge. She nudged the babes.

"She does this almost every time."

We all wonder how Millie will react. I have a feeling she will be the Nana as in Peter Pan. She is already hanging very close to Lisa.

I am sad that my granddaughters are not part of this experience. It is so very wrong. Family problems should not affect the children, but they do. I pray for a change of heart. At least I am seeing the girls once a week. Thank God.

We wonder at the children who reside in the womb. What will they look like? Who will they look like? We already know they have hair. Will it be light like Daddy or dark like Mommy? Yesterday a knock on the wall to the outside. Perhaps a little mind was wondering who belongs to the voices he hears.

"Helloooooo. Who's out there?"

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