Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Apologies from me for not keeping up my writing these last days. I have a feeling summer will be as such. My excuse is that I have been working extra hours this week. I hope to find my groove once this week is past. Of course, twins coming this summer will make the writing iffy at best. So please stay with me.

I had almost come to the decision to give up my daily, er, tri-weekly, er, occasional blogs. My granddaughter, Gabby, informed me that it was a poor decision since people all over the world read my blog. She makes me chuckle. Oh, my what would my readers do:)

I informed her that my readers are probably tired of my conversations. I'm not sure that anyone would really care. "I would, Grammy," she said. "I read your blog."

"You do not," I replied with a grin on my face.

"I do, too," she replied with a serious look glued to her face. And, a lovely face it is.

She began telling me about the things I had written. Well, my goodness, she does read it! Hence, the blog shall continue. Even if Gabby is my only reader, she is worth the words.

As I have said, sometimes the well is dry. Sometimes days are hectic. Yet eventually I find my way back to A Grandparent's Voice and Neff Road. I hope you find your way here, too, once in awhile just to see if you might like to join the journey. For this blog is for those who care.


  1. Oh, no! You can't stop blogging. Gabby and I would miss you too much!

  2. Thanks, Susan. I'm hanging in there for awhile longer.