Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You are the Story

In front of you is a computer. The tools placing the words on the screen are your fingers. Your hands listen to your heart. This is all it takes to be a parent, a child, a grandparent who writes.

Since writing my other blog, Neff Road (, I have received beautiful messages from readers telling me that my history is their history, too. Our history. It belongs to many of us not just that of a family. Our history is a history of the times, of a way of life, of things and people who are gone. The old that has been replaced by the new.

But the writing has to come from the heart or it is just descriptive words. Finding your voice is not difficult. I write exactly as I talk. I write what I feel and my observations. All it takes for anyone to write is the will to put words on paper or on the computer. Maybe it is difficult at first. With time the words will find themselves and insist that you put them down. Sometimes feelings are difficult to share. No one wants to hear the dirty details of a life, but they do like to know that we all share struggles. Our successes are the ability of us to find resolutions to those problems that face us, that face us all. The joys are important to share. We all live on this globe and are one big family. Life is a celebration of our differences.

I encourage my readers to write. A blog isn't necessary, but the healing power of words can enhance your life. The history you pass on is a gift. A family tree does not show that Grandma had a great sense of humor, that Grandpa loved to fish. It does not show your childhood and those who lived it with you. Write.

I continue to write this blog. Some days it is difficult to clear my head and find the words or topics. There are days I think I will stop writing the blogs and let them be. Sometimes writing can feel lonely as if no one is out there. But write I will because I do it for myself. We are the words that tells the story. No one else can do it quite the same.

In front of you is a computer screen. Your fingers tap the keys and a story is told. You are the story.

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