Monday, April 23, 2012

Sorting Through Yesterday

While trying to find my great grandmother's obituary in the pile of old family pictures and clippings, I decided that I should leave future generations something a bit nicer than what I was dealing with. "Who are these people!?" I yelled to no one. On a few, Mom had written names. Many of the old yellow clippings were ruined where creased. Something has to be done.

I sorted the piles into family names. Some piles were a bit larger than others. Most lacked information. Thank God for computers. I can place each family in a file folder organizing information with each picture. I can make a living family tree without buying a program to do it for me. Pictures of the family homes can be added. I can work the tree to the point of my family in order to keep it up-to-date. I can do this for my generations to come.

When I grew up, we had photo albums. Bits and pieces of the past were scattered throughout the books. I alone had five large scrapbooks and no place to store them. So, I took them apart. I discarded old tattered pieces of pompoms and scraps of what then were big events. I saved the pages that held old Valentines and other cards. I took pages of photos and scanned them saving them in family files. Now I will place them in archival plastic sheets saving what is left of that history. News clips can be scanned and fixed to be more readable preserving the last bits of information.

It is time do some housekeeping. Keeping of the old  that are gone and preparing the new that will be old one day. Perhaps another family member will pick up the torch and keep the history moving forward.

History. We are all part of it.

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