Saturday, April 14, 2012

Right Off My Back

She took the coat right off my back. Oh, yes, she did. This was the way the week ended.

Life crack me up. I am literally surprised at the antics life proposes. I don't know if everyone finds such odd happenings in their lives or if I am just given these tidbits of the unexpected so I have something to write about. But, friends, life is  a hoot!

I walked across the parking lot from the pharmacy to my car. A car stopped for me to cross. I got to my car, putting the key into the lock.

"You have beautiful hair," yelled the woman in the car that had waited for me. I looked behind me. No one was there so....

"Thank you," I yelled back. I got into the car and immediately pulled down the visor to look at my hair. Hm. Not necessarily a good hair day. Hm again. I must look good.

Yesterday I stopped at a favorite deli for a turkey sandwich and an excellent cup of coffee. I was settling my computer onto the table as a trio of women came in behind me. One of this three immediately came over to me and in an excited voice said, "I love your jacket! Where did you get it?"

Now said jacket has been riding on my back for at least three years. I agree that it is adorable. A bit unusual and very much to my liking. I love my jacket. I explained this and that this jacket was most likely no longer in stores.

"Can I try it on?" she asked.

Oh, my. What an unusual week I seemed to be having. Rather enjoyable at that. She tried the jacket on and loved it even more. I was glad to have it back.

"I'm going to Columbia next December. This jacket is just what I want," she confided. She took the information from the label, planning to go online to see if she could find it. They looked like a group of women I would like. All were dressed very well and had nice purses (always a good sign).

"Would you like to borrow it?" I asked. Well, needless to say, this woman almost hyper-ventilated.

So now my jacket might be going to Columbia in December. I won't need it. It is lightweight, you know. She promises to return it and to bring me a gift. This is probably as close to Columbia as I will ever get.

It has been a strange week. I've decided that I must have good taste. At least I have good hair and one good jacket. I hope next week proves to be equally fun.


  1. Hilarious! You should post a picture of your jacket. But just so that you will know, in case we ever meet in person, I would fail your purse test. I hate purses and can never find one that suits me, so I buy cheap ones. If I'm going to hate it anyway, why spend a lot of money.

    1. Well, Susan, I would take one look at your purse and probably decide that you couldn't borrow my jacket:) BTW, I carry a purse as little as possible.