Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, if you have already checked out my Neff Road blog, you will note that I have changed my blog format. I've decided that my blogs need to be more fun and updated. Keeping up with the times.

To find your way around this blog, use the tab bar at the top. It will give you many views of this blog. If you click on the black bar on the right, you will find out more about me and my blog. I hope you enjoy this new format. I would love feedback.

We do need to change. We do need to be young grandparents no matter what our ages. I find that my body wants me to give in to this aging process, yet my mind is still active and busy. I think perhaps I'm learning to adjust my pace to my activity so I can give my all when the time comes. We are the new "middle age". It is time for us to grab hold of this new designation and see what we can do with it.

For me, not settling into preconceived ideas and allowing myself to change has made my life better. I think perhaps I offer my family more by being more. I know that in my job, the girls I work with did not want an 'older' woman in the pack. I have surprised them all by diving into my job, working hard and thinking outside the box in my relationships with these younger women. I have a chance to show them that aging does not mean that I can't be fun and keep up with them. I can. I am my worst enemy when it comes to aging. I can either give in to the old view of age or improve my age.

In June I will be 65. I look forward to what changes will happen in this old world of ours. I'm not on this planet long so it would be fun to experience what I can while I'm here and to make a difference in whatever way possible. That all involves the ability to learn and change.

Years ago my children got a computer for me. I was terrified of the thing. Then one day for no apparent reason, I sat down with this technology and told it that it would not defeat me. I taught myself all I know with a little help here and there. I went from that fear to a woman who designed marketing material and found herself to public relations where I worked with media professionals. Fear was my biggest obstacle. As a grandparent, I find that fear is a manipulator. I chose to move forward and find out what lies within this grey matter in my head.

Let me know what you think of this new design. I hope you will continue to visit this woman on a journey into new territory. I'm growing up. It takes a lifetime, you know.

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