Friday, April 27, 2012


The crowd cheers! What? You didn't hear them cheer? Well, you should have. You should hear that crowd whenever you do something worth cheering about. Might be just as simple as getting out of bed and getting dressed. Small step well worth a cheer when it has been difficult in the past. I hear the cheer every morning when I am making the bed. Why? Because I want to get my lazy bones right back into it and sleep a little bit longer. And the crowd cheers!

I think we forget that each day is special. It is filled with little successes. Oh, not those things that make the news or that bring gifts and flowers to the door. No, the little successes are our big successes. I have a hard time some days finding my smile let alone something good. It doesn't happen often, but it does find me and hold on for me during the day. I forget my successes. Let me break this down so you know why we need to accept those little positives.

We are blessed. Those of us who seek answers, who reach out to others and who learn from life are rich indeed. All of the things that attach to us spill over onto others. The struggles give us new outlook and strength. Life teaches us in order to teach others. The crowd cheers with each lesson learned.

A simple smile to a stranger. A thank you wave to the driver of a car who stopped to let you into traffic. Picking up a dropped item for a person whose hands are full. Reading a greeting card for someone who can't see well. Bravo! Well played.

Perhaps if people focused more on their successes instead of their failures, focused on the positive instead of the negative, the crowd would cheer more often. Perhaps that constant strive to feel the good in life will some day become natural. Just perhaps life will be good each day because we expect it to be so.

Today you deserve a standing ovation. Bravo! My friends. Bravo!!!!


  1. Well said, thank you for the reminder!

  2. Thanks, Connie. You know, whenever I come up against a negative attitude, I want so much to be able to let them have a taste of positive. I think they would really like the flavor.