Monday, March 19, 2012

You are Mine

I grew up knowing I was part of a family. I knew my family tree. My grandparents lived down the road. My aunts and uncles were close by as well. I knew I belonged to the family tree.....but what about family?

My granddaughter ran to my arms. As I hugged her, a feeling of deep love enveloped me. I don't know if it was the love I was giving or the love I was receiving, but I knew that there could be no deeper love than this. She was mine.

When working with teenagers in the theatre department, I was reminded often by them of how they felt alone. They yearned for the attention of their parents. Sure, teenagers seem to want little to do with their parents, but when we did productions at the high school, the kids looked for those two adults to appear. Many had trouble going onto the stage because no one came to see them. No one else mattered as much as seeing those two people, their parents, in the audience.

Over the years I worked with kids at risk. I worked with two young men. I learned a great deal from these two. They were druggies. One boy from an affluent home was just bored being at home all day alone. He risked his love of soccer for his love of drugs. He was bored. No one cared what he did. So he found solace and entertainment in drugs. The other young man was a dealer. When he shared his story with me, it was riddled with comments regarding the lack of caring by his family. He (supposedly) took charge of his own life by dealing and using. Teenagers who seemed not to care, in truth, cared deeply. They want to belong to their parents....parents who care.

My granddaughter hugged me, "I love you, Grammy."

The words I replied did not even touch the surface of the feelings I have for my grandchildren.

"I love you, too," I replied. Perhaps I should have said, "You are mine."

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  1. Beautiful picture! There really is something extra special in the hug from your grandchild.