Thursday, March 1, 2012

What in the World!

She stood on the stage full of self. She thought she was beautiful. I thought she was anorexic. Arms thin as twigs, a face with bones poking at the flesh. Dressed and posed thinking she exudes sex. Instead I saw a woman struggling to stay in the limelight. What in the world are we showing our young people?

This isn't an "I remember when" moment. This is about what we accept, what we support. I watched the Oscars as I always do each year. I love the movies, and I admire actors who know their craft, not those who try to sell themselves on the runway and on the stage. What do those images tell our young people? What in the world does it say about us????

This week I saw "The Artist". It was an incredible piece of work. The acting ...without words....was superb. There was no sex, no foul language (obviously), no violence. A lovely movie, a winner. "Hugo". A delightful movie with a deeply moving story. Again...none of the above. It takes me back to the musicals of another era where men and women, families, were entertained by wonderful stories that are still classics today. We still sing the songs. We still quote the lines. We aren't afraid for our children to watch them.

I'm concerned that many adults have become immune to what is good and pure. Seems to me that sensationalism is replacing simplicity. Anorexia is replacing beauty. Our heroes are stripped of every bit of privacy, and it is shoved in our faces. What in the world is wrong with us, people?!

I applaud those who strive for art in the purest form. I am sick of watching half naked people on the screen at home and in the theatre. I'm tired of foul words and actions pushing the envelope. Reality shows seem to thrive on backstabbing and deceit, fighting and "losers". What in the world is wrong with our society that we accept this??????

Oh, well. I am thrilled to see that winning movies are purely works of art. Perhaps we are learning something? Hm. I hope so.

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