Thursday, March 22, 2012

Traveling the World from Home

The place where the world comes together: the counter of Mark's Hallmark. It's true! I absolutely love my job. I get to meet new people every day. I meet people from all over the world, all backgrounds, all occupations. You might think this is about them, but it's not! It's about me.

Yesterday I chatted with a woman from South Africa and another from Australia. A simple "Can I help you?" sometimes turns into a long conversation about life or laughing over something silly. I learn about them; they learn about me. I'm sure that Hallmark benefits from this contact, but I benefit more. I am just a person hanging onto this globe called earth. These people are hanging on with me.

I find more and more that when I buy something one of two things happens. The clerk has a set script that she says in order to show the store's goodwill or there is no interaction at all. Well, opportunities are certainly missed. Not talking about dollar signs. I'm talking about shaping the world we live in.

Most of my life I've wondered how people can be in contact with one another and not want to know more about them. I remember my mother talking of people who 'put on airs'. I was shy when I was a kid and am sure that some thought me to be arrogant because I didn't say much. Well, I got over that. I found that life is fun and wonderful when I look for the good in others and take an interest in them. I found parts of myself that were missing in the communication I discovered with other people. My parents' friends became my own. My relationship with my older relatives changed. I made new friends of casual acquaintances. I found joy in my life with a hope to pass it on to others.

There is an energy in this exchange of interest in one another. I truly believe it is an energy that spreads as we allow ourselves to be part of it. I often write of peace. I try to live my life spreading peace and love. It is not something we are taught. Truly is something we feel. I'm careful in my outreach as we all should be. We do live in a world where danger lurks. Not everyone is to be trusted. Sad, huh?

We are an energy, you and I, that seeks to find more of the same. We are all part of a strength that is stronger than evil, strength that blends all people together as one. It's a journey that is as old as time. A journey that demands to be met.

Sometimes spreading the peace is as simple as a 'hello'. We don't need to travel far to find other countries. They might just live next door.


  1. Why is it that so many people think they can only smile or say hello to someone they know?

  2. Grandma Kc,

    Soooooo true. I don't remember my mother ever walking down a street without saying hello to everyone she met. I'd like to think that each 'hello
    makes a difference.