Wednesday, March 7, 2012

After the Screen Darkens

The screen came up. A huge eye glared at me. Should I tremble? Should I close my computer against this single eye? Probably not.

"Hi, Gabby." I said.

"Hi, Grammy."

"Okay, now back up so I can see your pretty face."

She crawled to the end of the bed, the eye retreating along with her. We chit chat a bit about her day at school and her science project. We snuggle in to reading time. Another night of Skype togetherness.

We began this nightly meeting in earnest three weeks ago. We decided to meet just before bedtime enjoying a book together.

"Do you have your book, " I asked again as I do each night. The picture on the front of the book filled the screen much the same as had the eye.

"Well, now that I can see it so well, why don't we read it?"

For the next thirty minutes, we read paragraphs back and forth to one another, she from her book.  Me from mine.

"Wait a minute, Grammy," she she does each time we read. She disappears from the screen, the computer falls back and I'm looking at the ceiling. Conversation filters through from the hallway. Soon the departed figure jumps back into view. The speed at which the ceiling disappears and the girl appears is enough to make one nauseous.

"I'm back," she states the obvious. We read on for another fifteen minutes. It's just about time for it to happen as it does each night.. A yawn breaks her reading, along with a rubbing of the eyes.

"Just a little more then you need to go to sleep, Honey." We get a little more mileage out of her then she is eagerly ready to find her pillow.

"Same time tomorrow night?" I ask.

"Sure Grammy. I love you."

"I love you, too." Our call ends.

A darkened screen and another night of grandma and granddaughter comes to an end.

Little moments linger long after the screen darkens.


  1. I think this is so awesome! She is going to learn so much from you plus she is going to have wonderful memories of this forever! You get an extra gold star!