Sunday, March 4, 2012

1 girl

1 girl

The text came across my phone while we stood in the middle of Nordstrom Rack. I think I screamed. Yes, I'm pretty sure I did. At least people turned around and looked at me. Yep. I screamed. 

"We have a girl! Not sure what the other one is yet," I told Paulette.

My son and his wife were having the ultra sound to find out what twin lie lurking in the womb. We didn't really care if it was girl and girl or boy and boy. However, a girl and a boy would be nice since these would be their only children. Twins. The reality had not yet taken hold.

I immediately walked to the baby section looking for newborn girl clothing. My mind wasn't really on the baby clothing. It was on the phone. What in the world was taking so long?!?!?!?! I had informed everyone in the store that we had one girl and were waiting for the other. Not many people seemed to care. I could stand it no longer. I called.

"We don't know yet, Mom," James said.

"No, wait. She's going to check now."

His end of the line got very quiet. I was thinking that a crowd should be gathered around me to hear the news but that was all quiet, too.

"Mom, we have a boy!!!!!"

Squeals came over the line as my son hung up. I think I must have yelled. A woman popped her head around the rounder, "I take it you have a boy." (Well, someone cared.)

A boy and a girl. For some reason all at once this was all more real. We would eagerly wait for these children, this future son and daughter. One of each. More grandchildren.

Uncle had text Sydney to tell her. I called Gabby.

"Gabby, we know!" I announced.

She laughed and screamed, "A boy and a girl???? Is it?!?!?"

When I answered, she went crazy. Finally, after what I assume was a happy dance, she came back on the line.

"Grammy," she said. "You know what?"

"What, Honey?"

"I can play play house with one and play legos with the other."

1 girl...1 boy 


  1. Congratulations! How perfect! You are going to have so much fun and so is Gabby!

  2. Thank you, Grandma Kc. Yes, indeed we will!

  3. Very cool. I can't believe that everyone in the store wasn't standing around your phone. I would have been. Twins are so exciting!