Thursday, February 9, 2012

There is a Real Choice

The topic was not easy to approach, but it was important that it was all said in the right way. There is a lack of comfort when some conversations with children require us to quickly come up with the right words. A child asks a question and suddenly our minds draw a blank. Our brains try to grasp the correct words. We must quickly decide how a topic should be addressed.

Maybe you don't agree with me, but this is about acceptance. I have been involved in theatre most of my life. I hear brainless people express that all theatre people are gay. Well, theatre is full of all types of people the same as any place else. My experience has been that  those in theatre are more accepting of differences, embracing and supporting one another. We have a problem in our society. We tag people who are different. We condemn people who do not fit 'our' expectations. We judge without understanding. There is a false justification in thinking that someone God has created was indeed created wrong. Wow!

I have many gay friends. They are no different from anyone else. They cannot control who they are any more than someone can control the color of their skin or that perhaps they are left brained. It's just that simple. Who are we to judge? Why do we want to?

I am always upset when churches turn their backs on the gay community. Christ would never have done it. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, he hung out with pretty much everybody without condemnation. He loved. He accepted. He found beauty where others were blind.

We teach the girls to be accepting. Acceptance through understanding. It was a simple conversation explaining that sometimes we are just wired differently. Different is not bad. In fact, different makes life a smile. Questions were asked and simply answered.

If I were gay, I would want the world to understand that I had no choice. I could be a good mother or father. I would want to be accepted as just a person like anyone else with the same rights and freedoms. I would want to be accepted for just being me.

I'm very proud of my granddaughters. They think of acceptance and love first. A cruel thought would never enter their minds. They see each and every person as a person of interest.

There is a real choice. I choose acceptance, love and understanding. I choose to pass it on.


  1. Agreed.
    Don't waste time on hate.
    - Ben

  2. "They see each and every person as a person of interest." What a great way to put it!

    I truly think that our grandchildren are being raised in a more open and understanding environment and that they will change the way the world regards differences!