Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One More Page

"Can we read one more page?"

These words that might not mean a lot to most people; however, these words to this grandma left me with tears in my eyes.

My youngest granddaughter has struggled with reading. When she was born, she had a disconnect between her brain and vocal tools. After learning the skill, she talked constantly. When it came to reading, she struggles. She has improved with special reading help at school and at home. Still she is not up to speed and does not like to read.

My friend, Heather, suggested that Gabby and I read over the phone to one another. Still I could not get the fire started, the reading fire. So, she and I made a stop at Powell's Book Store to find two books. One for her and one for me. Our books were about a girl and her horse.

Last night we had our first session. Gabby and I skyped so we could see one another as we read. The call came,and she appeared on the monitor.

"Hi, Grammy," Gabby said all curled up on her bed in her pj's.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered. "You have a picture of a horse on the wall behind you."

"Yes, and you have a purple wall behind you. Now let's get started."

She began with long pauses and reading interrupted by random observations. Page two got more interesting. She read one paragraph; I read the next. Soon a couple more pages had passed. So had the time. Our half hour of reading together was at an end.

"Honey, let's stop here," I said. "It's bedtime."

"Grammy, can we read one more page?"

"How about we read again tomorrow night," I said. "Maybe we will read one more page."


  1. What a wonderful relationship you have with her and what a great story!

  2. I am blessed to realize how precious these years are to both her and me. I wanted that extra page as much as she tonight we did it.