Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Being Grand

Amazing the fun time you can have hanging at your child or grandchild's school. Certainly fun times for this grandma.

Today was the last day of filming the 5th graders. With each day the kids have gotten more comfortable with me. Today was a bonus. Smiles greeted me along with "Hey, Pam." I've never had the kids call me Mrs. Drake. I want them to relate to me easily without that age barrier between us. Truly it is amazing how children want adults as friends. I know that many come from homes where attention is minimal, where compliments are rare. I have an opportunity when I visit the school to give them recognition.

I decided to have lunch with Gabby. She beamed when she saw me, taking my hand and leading me through the lunch line. I sat with Gabs and her friends chatting as if we did it everyday.( I  had a little trouble with quiet time.) After lunch, we went to recess. Gabby played wall ball running back to me after her turn. I cheered for each kid and again thought how absolutely lucky I am.

To finish off my 'school day', I was thrilled to watch Gabby give a speech to her class. She stood poised before the group, held her head high and looked at her audience. A smile was plastered on my face and my heart swelled three times its size.

Grandparents, it is a joy to be involved with our children at their schools. We can volunteer and offer our talents to the classes. We can sit on benches at tables snuggled among their friends eating 'healthy' food. We can be their support and their fan club. We can be 'GRAND' parents.

Today I left school hoping I to return again soon. The teacher said he wanted me back to help. I'm going to hold him to it.

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